The Lie that we Didn't Exist...

On Finding Out that You Exist...
by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
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In Church you find out that you exist, said the famous Petre Ţuţea.

I will not make an apology, but my story, out of the previous quote :

Orthodoxy is for the sinners like me, not for perfectionists but for those who love Christ. Orthodoxy does not need advocates, only needs witnesses. Orthodoxy is silent. Orthodoxy is uniquely “tainic”. Orthodoxy is more than culture, being in the “cultura Duhului”. Orthodoxy teaches the recipe for a perfect society, even on temporary bases, like soul teaches for the body. There is no limit for Orthodoxy.

Ontologically, I discover completeness and infinity in the same living being. I taste in full consciousness the body of Christ. I see Him sacrified for me, the very one who crucifies Him every day. Christ, Who is God made the Son of Man, sacrifies Himself for me ! Where do you find a religion where God Himself sacrifies, for you to become like Him ?

Orthodoxy is the ultimate liberty ! Orthodoxy is carrying the Cross in a right way. It's therefore not only for slaves, but also for the masters of the universe, the very same people who fight to become masters of their own passions and sins. Orthodoxy is never impersonal. It's not a recipe, is life, real. Sins are never mastered. We could never vanquish death by ourselves. God comes between us as the Son of Man, to take them on His shoulders, and free ourselves. God is the victor of death, which is only brought by our sins.

Orthodoxy hates sins and loves sinners, for they carry the light of Tabor. Orthodoxy destroys sins, and not bodies, which real saints keep in their entirety and with a pleasing smell for eternity, and for us all to worship. Orthodoxy looks for perfection, not merely for the better me. For indeed, perfection – and perfection only – makes us understand the pitiful and immensly humble condition we build as humans.

Who thinks they are enough for themselves ?

Who could ever be enough for themselves and their own hubris ? And yet, in search for perfection, in waiting for the Kingdom of God, we have infinite steps ahead, every day, in a continuous ladder which leads us directly to God. Orthodoxy is life, is nature, is harmony, is peace, is my Holy Cross.

The author of the Epistle to Diognet explained to that governer that Christians in this world were like the Soul for the Body. Mine is now ready...

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