Iar iese Diogene din butoi!

Regele e gol!

by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
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Se pare, dacă apocrifa e valabilă, că Diogene umbla cu lampa sa de noapte arzând ziua în amiaza mare spre ruşinea democraţiilor. Căuta, chipurile, cu tot dinadinsul, un om... Slavă Domnului că mai sunt la Muldova omini... Pentru că şi azi mai avem norocul de a citi scrieri lucide. Iată azi, în Imperial Poker, pe neobositul Nebojsa Malic :
As the Imperial project lumbers along, leaving death and destruction in its wake, a truly terrible realization is emerging. It's not that hundreds of millions of people still buy the Imperial propaganda at face value – though that number is dwindling steadily – it's that the Empire doesn't care of [what - n. n.] they do or not. After all, what did the American public do when it became obvious that there were no Iraqi WMDs and the entire casus belli was a fraud? What could it do? The Emperor simply gave them the political equivalent of "Yeah, so what?" and kept on trucking.

Almost two decades of "humanitarian interventions" and "nation-building" that followed the end of the Cold War have significantly lowered the bar of what passed for acceptable in international relations.


It is this sort of hubris – a misguided, delusional belief that it is so powerful it can make up its own rules, create its own reality, defy the laws of physics, politics and nature with mere whims – that is at the root of Empire's rapidly approaching downfall.

Because it does not control the rules of the game; it has merely bent them about as far as they can go. No amount of willpower or conceit will make a High Card beat a Royal Flush.

The Empire is holding when it needs to fold; walking straight into doom where it ought to cut losses and run. It isn't just a watch George W. Bush lost in Albania, but perhaps the last vestiges of his ability to discern what is real from what is in his mind.

Even the unwaveringly loyal mainstream media found last week's Albanian excursion a bit much. One AP report on Bush's visit included the following comment by a California professor: "You know things aren't going well when you have to go to Albania to have people take to the streets and cheer you."

The game is up.
Asta este ! Iar răspunsul dat de Diogene împăratului care zice cum poate da orice pe lume săracului (dar mai ales îi poate lua lumina soarelui) ar trebui să smerească orice singur-mărit :
"Nu-mi lua ce nu-mi poţi da!"

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