Lupi ciobăniţi sunt mincinoşi ciobani...

...Chiar dând iama în guzgani

by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
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Un singur membru din parlamentul britanic - odinioară un exemplu de adunătură omenească - s-a opus măcelului sistematic care s-a numit "resbelul contra terorismului".

Acum, când milioane de victime irakiene se adaugă altor milioane de copii irakieni decedaţi în deceniul de foamete la care "comunitatea internaţională" a condamnat poporul irakian, acei lupi în piei de oaie ies din nou din bârloage. Tocmai aceia care au făţărnicit atât ideea de parlament, inventând "cauzele" agresiunii contra unui popor întreg, atacă pe acest om curajos.

Omul curajos este Gorgeous George, iar scrisoarea lui contra cenzurii la care este supus în acest parlament de operetă este un model. Iată-l :

Gorgeous GeorgeGorgeous George (George Galloway, MP): Fala parlamentului britanic, membru acolo de 20 de ani, acum singur cu turma tuturor pe urma lui...

Letter to Speaker Martin
19 July 2007

Dear Mr Speaker,

You will have seen, with I hope as much alarm as me, the editorial in yesterday’s Sun newspaper, which – in a challenge to Parliamentary privilege I suggest – calls on the government to curtail my rights as a Member of Parliament in the debate on Monday on the report of the Standards and Privileges Committee.

Whilst I have every reason to believe that you will not allow me to be gagged in any way in my detailed defence against what is, in their own words, a debate on an inquiry of “unprecedented length and complexity” I am less confident about the conduct of the government whips.

I am seeking your protection, Mr Speaker, from any attempt to censor me in the important speech I intend to make, which will be watched and read by many people in our own country and abroad.

I do hope I can count on it. For if I were to be so censored in a debate on my exclusion from the House, in which I have sat for 20 years and from which I have never been excluded for any reason before, this would not only heap an injustice upon an injustice, it would plunge Parliament into the ninth circle of disrepute, earning it contempt from large numbers of people who wish to hear what I have to say in response to this report.

In view of the importance of this matter I am making this letter public.

Yours sincerely,

George Galloway MP

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