Departe-văzător în Gaza

Dragul de Israel!

by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
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Dintre creştinii din Ţara Sfântă - cei atât de prigoniţi de câtre sionişti - printre cei cu discursul cel mai articulat, chiar lucid, deşi strict politic, este Israel Shamir, dragul meu „departe-văzător”. Numele pe care le dă el lucrurilor sunt clare. Uneori ne miră, adesea vrem să-l ajutăm, dar mereu ne interesează. Scrie bine. Iată-l într-un fragment limpede din Întunecime dinspre Apus...
In the Holocaust dogma, Pope Pius surrendered the Jews to the Germans, affirming the eternal enmity of the Holocaustians to the Church. It does not matter that on a factual level, the accusations have been refuted many times over. Our tenacious enemy never gives up, never acknowledges his defeat, never accepts the facts unless they suit him.

Who is the enemy? Some people refer to the Israel Lobby with their great control over media. In the famed tract, they were called the Elders of Zion. Others call them Illuminati. I called them the Masters of Discourse, the operators of the integrated machine of public disinformation and indoctrination, from the Wall Street Journal to the Wikipedia. Thousands of networks, newspapers, journals, books, films and ideas are being united and guided by their invisible hand, while free thought still survives in the far reaches of the web. The fearsome AIPAC is just the visible tip of the iceberg, below which are miles and miles of solid ice: media lords, chief editors, their pundits – in short, the Masters of Discourse. Their power base is in the media, in their ability to create a false presentation of reality and mislead people. Recently John Pilger described it as The Invisible Government.

When the Masters of Discourse fought against Communism, they had a few faked 'facts' they were never tired of brushing up. They played with stupefying numbers: Communists killed thirty, no, fifty, no, sixty million, though the freely available demographic figures of the Soviet Union made it as miraculous as feeding of the multitudes by five loaves. They invented Soviet anti-Semitism, though Soviet government and security always had a lot of Jews in high places. They invented Soviet totalitarianism, though the Soviet people freely supported their government. Instead of the Holy Grail, they had Raul Wallenberg, who was supposed to have survived miraculously and to have been kept in some far-away jail. No research would ever move them to recognize their inventions for being what they were, namely, lies.

Now they want to destroy Iran and cripple Russia, for these lands did not forget God. They do fight against the Church, against every church, be it Communism or Islam or Orthodox Judaism, or their traditional enemy, the Apostolic Church, for every church defends its flock against their robbery and resists their dark drive for domination. The church affirms the primacy of spirit, and of the godlike nature of man; this is anathema to the Masters. On a deeper level, the Church is their main adversary, for they are a competing church of sorts, the church of darkness, and they will not suffer a competitor.

Dominant as they are, they are not omnipotent. We should not be afraid of them. There is no magic in their incantations. They have no divine powers behind them. They are impostors. They exploit the old myths of mankind, forgetting that nothing works without God. The Masters are twins to Zionists; the Zionists decided to arrange for Israel's return to the Promised Land as it was promised to their fathers. However, that return was to be done by God; while humans trying to do God's work are necessarily rebels
Israel Shamir scrie minunat, de exemplu Florile Galileei. Israel Shamir este cenzurat, obligat a locui în Suedia, chiar fiind veteran al resbelului din 1967. Nu se pot afla pe YouTube video-uri cu Israel Shamir. De accea voi pune mai jos un film cu Neturei Karta, care spune ceea ce e drept despre Sionism:

One of the primary causes of modern day Anti-Semitism is the brutal occupation by Zionists of Palestine. There is today a growing number of people of the Jewish faith that recognize that Zionism is in fact counter to the fundamental tenets of the Torah, genuine Judaism and against the principles stated by the ancient Hebrew named Moses. La Voz de Aztlan joins our many Jewish friends who recognize this fact.

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