Soarta Imperiului

Când ai uitat de unde ai plecat...

by Dr Dan Waniek, MD
Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved. Copyright Requests Here Please !

Soarta Imperiului s-a pecetluit. Despre aceasta, din nou scrie aici neobositul, talentatul Malic:
The Empire has blundered in the Balkans, and badly. Intoxicated with power and believing themselves able to change reality itself by force its rulers have stumbled into a trap of their own making. In 1999, Kosovo was made into a symbol of Imperial might; now it has become a symbol of Imperial weakness. By insisting on the impossible and rejecting reality, rulers of the Empire have wasted every pretense of authority. The Empire may have been bled dry in the sands of Iraq, but it will perish over some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.

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